What if you could track actual Landed Cost per Lot for the most Profitable Selling Price?

You live in a Global Economy. Your business is like the rest of the Flavors & Fragrance world – if your production itself is not off shore, your raw materials almost assuredly are. Freight costs are sky rocketing and can bring your business to its knees. Estimating your Inventory Valuation and Cost of Goods Sold? How can you stay competitive when Costing guesswork causes inaccurate Pricing decisions?

ProcessWareTM ERP keeps the Landed Cost calculation open at the time of material receipt. Exact Landed Cost is entered when actual bills are received for transportation, freight handling, excise, customs, or other importation charges. No more short cuts, no more guesses. Landed Cost is attached to a Lot for its entire life cycle – “cradle to grave”. Precise Landed Cost creates Pricing agility and maximizes profits!

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  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory
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