“In the past three years alone, we have more than doubled our business revenue and the number of customers we serve. ProcessWareTM ERP has helped us grow significantly and remain competitive in the market. By managing our operations through a single system, we are achieving a 99%+ accuracy rate within our production process, which helps us reduce costs, improve productivity, and ensure our customers are happy.”

— Tom Buco
Excellentia International


“With ProcessWareTM ERP we are much more efficient and productive. While we have probably doubled our business, we haven’t had to hire additional employees; that is a tremendous accomplishment.”

— Bill Fylak


“With the ProcessWareTM ERP team we found great customer service, expertise, best practices and advice based on years of experience, all at our disposal. May sound too good to be true but it’s not. We had outgrown our software and needed greater efficiencies for a more competitive advantage – ProcessWareTM ERP was the solution. ProcessWareTM ERP helped us optimize the business processes that directly contribute to Colibri’s success.”

— John Sarno
Chief Financial Officer
Colibri Scentique LLC


ProcessWareTM ERP is our organization-wide software to integrate the processes from Sales to Q/C under a common information technology platform.

Selection process is a first step for an ERP which will fit best to the needs of an organization. Decision to select the best system is not a simple task and incurs substantial costs. Focusing on Flavor & Fragrance industry is one of the major strengths of ProcessWareTM ERP.

With ProcessWareTM ERP team’s honest and hardworking approach, we managed our implementation without any problem or inconvenience. I would highly recommend it to anyone in the F&F industry!”

— Mustafa Kemal Altinel
Business Development Executive
eps fragrances
Erdoğmuş Parfüm Sanayi


“I would absolutely recommend ProcessWareTM ERP, without question. In fact, I have recommended the solution to a number of companies and even brought people in to show them firsthand what the system can do. This is the only ERP solution written specifically for the Flavor & Fragrance industry. The ProcessWareTM ERP team knows our business and built their solution for our business; that makes all the difference.”

— Tom Buco
Excellentia International


ProcessWareTM ERP greatly reduces our business risk. Today our accuracy rate is at 99.99 percent. Believe me; one mistake can ruin you with a customer. You ship or mislabel one product to one flavor or fragrance house, you can have product liability that’s tremendous; never mind the fact that you’d lose the customer. Having the ability to reduce that liability is priceless.”

— Bill Fylak

ProcessWareTM ERP has enabled our company to have a snapshot of any business process with a click of few buttons. Be it the sales trend of a product across customers, the compliance of purchased goods or a single page summary at  the end of every day, ProcessWareTM ERP is the one stop solution for our entire business vertical.  We have experienced greater productivity and increased transparency among our entire team due to the availability of data across the company (in multiple locations).

The uniqueness of ProcessWareTM ERP is the focus the development team has put in understanding the nuances of the F&F industry. Features like Drum-off and customized menus offer tremendous flexibility for existing companies to adopt the change fairly seamlessly.

The ProcessWareTM ERP team are thorough professionals to deal with and have today become good friends more than just business partners. It has been a pleasure working with them and I highly recommend their software solution for the members of the F&F Industry.”

— Paolo George
Symega Flavours India (P) Ltd.


“When we decided to evaluate possible applications, we first looked at the big names in the market and then understood the implications on the costs and time involved. We liked what we saw in ProcessWareTM ERP – the ability to get it implemented in less than three months, handle our entire processes, and all this within our budget. It has the features of any big name application but priced much less than them!”

— Dharmil Bodani
Managing Director
Oriental Aromatics Ltd.


ProcessWareTM ERP is intuitive in its operation and easy enough even for me. We have received more than our money's worth and much more from the investment in the software. I think very highly of this system and would recommend it to anyone.”

— Loren Michael
Vice President - Business Development




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